EaseMe app

The 'EaseMe app' is a concept for an app that helps people with anxiety take control over their life and help calm themselves down whenever they need it the most. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provides excellent exercises for calming anxious minds and analysing and changing thought patterns. However, anxiety can sometimes be so overwhelming that doing these exercises is hard and people need some guidance. This is where the 'EaseMe app' can help. The app guides users through different exercises and provides tips and examples. The app can also be connected to a wearable that measures stress responses to alert the user and prompt them to use the app. The app saves data about exercises and provides the user with insights and tips about their anxiety. EaseMe can also be shared with an attending psychologist to keep track of the user's progress and recommend new exercises.

Any wearable similar to a Fitbit that measures heart rate can be connected to the 'EaseMe app'. Whenever the wearable measures a significant increase in heart rate or stress response it can send the user a notification and prompt them to do an exercise with the app.

Check out a prototype for the EaseMe app so far! This prototype is made with AdobeXD.