De IJswinckel loyalty app

The 'De IJswinckel loyalty app' is a concept for a loyalty app for a chain of ice cream shops. People can use the app to collect points and get rewards by scanning their receipt at one of the shops. When the user has enough points they can exchange them for rewards in the app. These rewards can be used online or at one of the shops. The app shows an overview of all the locations and all the rewards. To keep people engaged with the app even in off season users can do quizzes to earn points. By doing these quizzes they learn about new flavors of ice cream and the ice cream shop learns something about their customers. This app is based on De IJswinckel. The app is only a concept and is in no way affiliated with De IJswinckel.

Check out a prototype for the De IJswinckel loyalty app so far! This prototype is made with AdobeXD.