Lisa de Vries

Hi! I'm Lisa and I'm a user-centered/UX designer.
I'm interested in people's stories, what their needs and values are in everyday life,
and (hopefully) offering a new perspective on how life could be with the help of design.

My work

About me


My name is Lisa de Vries, I'm 25 years old and I live in Woudenberg in the Netherlands where I grew up. As a student I lived in Eindhoven for 4 years and in 2019 I graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology with a master's degree in Industrial Design. I'm a designer that is emotional, empathic and endlessly curious. I like to focus on the human experience and communicating with people. I let people inspire me and make concepts through conceptualizing, building and testing.

As a designer I am passionate about taking values from our everyday experiences and building technology around it. I like to listen to people's unique stories and try to bring the things they value most to the surface, support them with technology, integrate them more seamlessly into daily life and maybe even offer new perspectives.

I'm currently looking for a job! I'm interested in doing UX design (digital or tangible), R&D or User Research.

Design skills

User research (user analysis/user journeys/interviewing/testing)

Handicraft (exploring materials and form/tangible mockups)

Prototyping (mechanics/circuits/wireframing/digital and tangible mockups)


Conceptualizing (mindmapping/brainstorming/affinity diagrams/sketching)

Visual language (posters/high fidelity sketches and visuals)

Contact me

Woudenberg, the Netherlands